Lonestar Lofts In E Fest, Downtown San Antonio

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Our goal here at Center City is to provide families with the most affordable, magnificently-built homes situated in prime locations with easy access to all the necessary amenities they may require.  Downtown San Antonio has proven to be an amazing place to build in order to accomplish this and so much more. We have built [...]

Lucas St Lofts Townhouse-Style Condos in Machnke Park, Downtown San Antonio

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A home remains to be one of the most important acquisitions we make over the course of our life. Searching for one however is a very arduous, grueling and tasking process.This is due to all of the important factors to be considered; such as affordability, design, location and proximity to essential facilities. Here at Center City [...]

Why Mahncke Park?

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“Location is everything” is one of the most popular sayings when it comes to Real Estate. This is why Mahncke Park is quickly becoming one of San Antonio’s hottest neighborhoods downtown. This neighborhood is just off of Broadway across from the San Antonio Zoo, Brackenridge Park and Golf Course, The DoSeum, The Botanical Gardens and plenty [...]

How did Mahncke Park Get its Name?

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In the mid 1800’s San Antonio’s Water Works Company was privately owned by George W. Brackenridge. George also owned some very valuable land in the area, that included the current location of the University of Incarnate Word, Brackenridge Park, Mahncke Park and the San Antonio Botanical Garden. When water was needed for the area it was [...]

Corrnell-Brazos Commons Five Points Housing Project

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Five Points Housing Project Sustainable shelter and housing is one of the cornerstones of the American Dream. Nearly every American has at one time, or the other dreamt of owning an affordable home in a quiet, friendly neighborhood, probably in the suburbs or downtown close to the excitement of the city. Owning a home provides a [...]

Top 10 Reasons to Live in Downtown San Antonio

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San Antonio has always been an attractive place for people belonging to different ages, gender, and cultures. Whether you are a tourist, food enthusiast, family lover, peace finder, enthusiastic person, job finder, and homeowner downtown San Antonio has a place for you!  However why is it the best place to live? Continue reading to find out! [...]

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