Feedback from most people who have built a house indicates how hard the selection process can be. But things have changed. Center City has made the task easier by streamlining the process for homeowners.

Tips from us to you:
  1. Have a good allowance worksheet before starting the selection process. This will help you start shopping online and in magazines. Know your budget for each item (appliances, plumbing fixtures, hardware, etc.)
  2. Know your specifications and plans and bring them with you when making selections. A detailed specification coupled with a set of architectural plans is your bible. You can refer to these when questions arise. Your specification will likely tell you what type and brand of paint you are to choose from, the type of electrical switches you will have in the home, the sheetrock finish, type of cabinets, etc. Your plans indicate location of carpet, hardwood, concrete, tile, etc.
  3. Many builders have selection software to help guide you through the process, critical because it prompts homeowners to make selections by predetermined deadlines, keeping work on the house moving. The two biggest factors in slowing down construction are selections and weather. We can’t control the weather, but we can streamline the selection process with good selection software.
  4. Some builders have selection coordinators on staff to help guide you through the process. They often accompany you to your first appointments with vendors. Another option is to hire an interior designer to help you make selections and pull everything together.
  5. Unless your builder has a selection showroom, you will probably need a list of each vendor, salesperson, and specialty before starting the selection process. Make appointments with your builder’s salesperson to ensure that you receive the proper attention.
At the end of the day, communication during the selection process is the number one component in keeping things moving along. If you have questions, reach out to us. We are happy to guide you in the right direction and move you closer to move-in day!