A home remains to be one of the most important acquisitions we make over the course of our life. Searching for one however is a very arduous, grueling and tasking process.

This is due to all of the important factors to be considered; such as affordability, design, location and proximity to essential facilities. Here at Center City we try our best to check all of these boxes and provide the best urban living possible!


With City Center’s main objective being to provide the best designed homes in great neighbourhoods at affordable prices, our latest Lucas St Lofts are an attestation to this commitment. Downtown in San Antonio, these four townhouse style condos are tucked away in the prestigious neighbourhood of Mahncke Park. Named after George W. Brackenridge’s bosom friend Ludwig Mahncke who was at the time City Park Commissioner, Mahncke Park has a rich, decorated history. It is an orchard of beauty and is surrounded by several natural attractions such as Alamo Heights, The Pearl, Botanical Gardens, the San Antonio Zoo, Brackenridge Park and biking/ walking trails. Easy access to first-rate social amenities such as the illustrious Lamar Elementary School, some of the City’s best colleges and a Golf Course are among the several allures of living in Mancke Park.

General Features

Offering spectacular views of Ft Sam Houston’s Parade Field and picturesque sights of San Antonio’s skies lit with fireworks displays on New Year’s Eve and the 4th of July, these lofts are the apex of splendid architectural design. Made in the style of a modern farmhouse, the entire structure has four condos with each condo measuring 1303 to 1311 square feet and containing three bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms. The condos are equally sized and have the same structured floor plan. There is also a rear parking pad as well as a magnificent third floor patio overlooking the community skyline.


While the exterior portrays an elegant, slightly frugal, traditional aesthetic, the interior of these classic condos are the epitome of modern architectural design aimed at satisfying elaborate, urban living. The entirely blanched walls create a vibrant ambience and gives the owner a lot of allowance to fill up the home with various bold and subdued colours as they will easily blend in with the white walls.

Living Area

At 11×14 square feet, the living room is sizeable enough to accommodate all the requisite furniture without becoming congested and poky. It is generous enough for everything and everyone to fit in snugly. This capacious but compact scheme is aimed at providing enough spatial utility while avoiding broad spacing which would drive up the expense.

Kitchen Area

In a well-executed open-concept, this magnificent kitchen is set adjacently to the living room. This unique structuring makes both spaces appear more enlarged and spacious. Right at the center of the 17×14 kitchen is a counter that can be used for both cooking and as an improvised dining area. The kitchen is fitted with cabinets both on the walls and on the sides of the sink counters. The light and dark grey colours on the walls and countertops respectively give the kitchen an exuberant touch and complete its visual scheme too.

Bedroom and Bath

The master bedroom is masterfully made with both spatial comfort and efficiency in mind. It strikes the delicate balance of being generous and spacious enough for the owner to feel comfortable in; while still not being a huge, gaping hall with no proportional appeal. The windows are also large enough to ensure that the room is well illuminated during the day and that there is optimal circulation of air and adequate ventilation. The bath is complete with a shower, toilet, sink and huge wall mirror for getting ready every day.

Bonus Room and Outdoor Patio

A key tenet of ideal urban living is the ability to customize spaces, whether aesthetically or functionally. The additional flex room in these amazing lofts gives the owner the chance to do both! Depending on the individual needs of the occupant, this bonus room can be used as a spare bedroom, study, exercise, yoga or even entertainment room. The outdoor patio completes the home by offering the luxury of some much-needed outdoor living space for those quiet, humid evenings and bright weekend mornings. At such an affordable price, is there any better deal for such amazing features?

These stunning modern lofts will give any prospective occupant a chance to enjoy a wonderful experience and the best of quality urban living to be found in Downtown San Antonio.  If you or anyone you know is looking to build, or buy in downtown San Antonio we would love to earn your business! Check out our website at www.centercitysa.com or call us at 210-469-8741.