I’m sure everyone is aware of the prices for construction materials going up. Whether you heard it on the news, from a friend, from a builder or seen it firsthand on a home purchase.

I saw a post with a GREAT visual for how dramatic the cost of lumber has increased and I wanted to share it with ya’ll. I’m a very visual person and this really helped show me how crazy it is right now!

A year ago you could build 10 homes with $50,000 worth of lumber, now you can only build TWO homes with that same exact budget for lumber!!

We really are in unprecedented times, and it doesn’t look like prices will go down anytime soon. Everything is increasing, it isn’t just lumber. Concrete, sheetrock, OSB, labor and all metals have seen a dramatic increase over the past year.

Hopefully this is helpful and shows ya’ll that builders are not buying something for $1 and turning around and charging you $10. The cost of construction is going up and trades, builders and contractors are doing the best they can to manage this constantly changing market.

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