Everything is bigger in Texas and that is not just a cliche saying! Almost every city in Texas is experiencing explosive growth as people move to live in the great Lonestar state. San Antonio is not an exception to this and we are expected to top four million people by 2050! Bexar County’s population alone is expected to reach just over 3 million people by 2050!

The sector where jobs are expected to grow fastest is Southern Bexar County. The city is expecting a lot of growth from the Texas A&M campus, and the Toyota plant. As we get back into the swing of things post-COVID, that southern area will spawn new jobs and in turn continue to further develop the area.

What does this mean for people looking to live downtown? With the city growing and pushing farther and farther south, we can make an educated guess as to what urban neighborhoods are in that path of progress!

The two areas that come to mind are Five Points by San Pedro Springs Park, and south of US 90 heading towards the missions. These areas are prime for development and still have land available to be built on! Because these areas are not fully established they are more affordable compared to other neighborhoods closest to downtown San Antonio’s urban core.

In 5-10 years Five Points, and the Missions area will be dramatically different than what it is now. Neighborhoods like Mahncke Park, Tobin Hill, and Lonestar are almost completely developed. Newer neighborhoods that are in the infant stages of gentrification are sitting in the path of progress and begging to be fully developed!


Check out Center City’s new home community right in Five Points, or call us if you own land downtown or are looking to build somewhere around downtown. We would love to be the builder of your new home and help you have one of the beautiful new homes being built around the city!